Wednesday, July 15, 2009

very angry~

today~ i am studying in my class while waiting for the teacher to come in class in 2.30pm

my classmates, no they are actually just a bunch of b*t**es, don't know where found a packet with balloons, they started ot blow the balloons and play with it.

that is still fine with me because they not really making a great commotion yet, but not for long, they started to pop the balloons and screamed while the balloons exploded.

i can still stand it if it just last for a while, but i am wrong, it lasted nearly 1/2hours.
Annoyed and irritated ( because i suffered from light migraine, the condition will not get worst unless loud noise+high pitched screeches came into my ears) i can't stand it and louden my voice to ask them to stop, but one a## hole f$$k$$$ b *t** fight back by claiming that i should move if can't stand the commotion.


where else can i go other than my class?????!!!!

and she with her f$$k$$$ gang should find somewhere else to have fun!!!
exams are around the corner and SPM (MALAYSIA EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATE/ SIJIL PELARAN MALAYSIA) is drawing near, besides being rude in class by not listening to lesson, how could they can still have fun?

maybe you guys will claim that i am nerd or whatever, but hey!
i am trying to study here!!! and i am not the wrong one here!

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